Ballet: Life Lessons


ballet-1Ballet. The mere word stirs a side of me that creates nostalgia to my childhood. It was my favorite style to practice as well as watch. This style originates in France, and is the most meticulous to perfect.

Mastering ballet takes discipline, to sum it up in one word.
Discipline of the body; bone by bone, muscle by muscle. Discipline of the mind; core tight, shoulders back, neck elongated, hips centered, toes pointed, fingers graceful, face relaxed… the list seems endless.

But despite the restriction and rules, it gave me a sense of freedom, which can be difficult to express. It allowed me to be graceful, elegant, poised, and most importantly brave. Anything I wanted to be.

Courage comes when you are challenged, and with that comes growth.

My years as a ballet dancer ended before I could grab hold, but left me with valuable lessons. It all taught me how to leap and kick through life’s greatest performances, no matter how big the stage…

xo, Mal. ballet-life-lessons

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