Brady Takes the Plunge


After a video surfaced of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady cliff-diving in Costa Rica, reaction from Patriots fans explodes on social media. Many fans took to twitter to express their concern and worry of whether  jumping off a cliff is a good idea for the well paid athlete.

The question of injury and what it would mean for the team is being brought up all over twitter.

Josh Powers, sports correspondent for WEBN said, “He shouldn’t be jeopardizing his team and more so his career to jump off a couple of cliffs. His team needs him to stay healthy, and so do his fans.”

Powers said it isn’t smart for Brady to be putting himself in risky situations because if something were to go wrong, he’d be risking his career.

Some are now suggesting that teams put a limit on the leisure activities of their team members, but Harris Rubenstein, junior at Emerson College, disagrees.


Brady dug into the sand by his children.

“I get the concern over Brady cliff diving, but you can’t expect these players to not vacation and enjoy themselves. I mean, they’re human,” he said, “they should be cautious, but people are making this a huge deal for no reason.”

Brady, who was on vacation after a long season and super bowl win with the New England Patriots, is now undergoing scrutiny of violating his contract with the NFL.

According to NBC Sports, paragraph 3 of the Standard Player Contract provides that the player cannot “engage in any activity other than football which may involve a significant risk of personal injury.”

Ashlyn Lillabridge, junior at Emerson College said, “He shouldn’t be so careless. He gets paid good money to have the status he has and even if he’s off season, it’s part of his career long-term. Not just when there are games going on.”

Most seem to forget that if Brady hadn’t posted the video to his social media sites, no one would have ever found out. It raises question on the already stirred topic of being careful about what you post online.

Paul Garcia, senior at Berklee College of Music said, “Brady shouldn’t be participating in risky activities because it could affect his game, but if he chose to not share the video we wouldn’t even be talking about this today. Who knows how many athletes do these sorts of things, we just never find out about them.”

With the cliff diving incident winding down, athletes now have something else to think about while they’re off season. Play it safe, until they’re back on the field.

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Photos via Tom Brady’s Facebook