Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Cardigans


Now that the weather is finally warming up, we can put away the winter coats and go for a lighter alternative. Cardigans are one of those things that every woman has in her closet, and can be worn with almost any outfit.

They come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and prints, but all cardigans are not created equally. Some cardigans are better for certain body types, and others are better for certain outfits. It can get a little confusing sometimes, but trying different looks is important.

Below you’ll find a few ways to get the most out of your cardigans!

Waist-Length or Cropped Cardigan









The most common and classic style of cardigan is the waist-length cardigan. It can be paired with dresses, or even thrown over a nice blouse in case the weather gets a little chilly.

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Oversized Cardigan

Screen-Shot-2014-01-13-at-11.43.32-PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-04-07 at 8.18.17 PM








Oversized Aztec cardigans are huge this season, but they can be a little tricky to style. They work well with solid color T-shirts and jeans. Since they vary in colors and print, keeping the outfit basic is key.

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Boyfriend Cardigan

Screen-Shot-2014-01-14-at-2.29.08-PM1Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 8.24.36 PM








Similar to the Cropped Cardigan, but much longer. This style works well for business attire, as well as an everyday throw over. Since it is longer and covers the bum, it is great when paired with leggings.

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Photos via: Merrick’s Art