Sock Bun


sock-bun-diy-malorie-anneThe ever popular “sock bun” is a trendy style that gives a classic tailored look, whether you’re trying to keep it casual or go glam for a night out!

I struggled with this hairstyle for a while, watching youtube tutorials and following similar image instructions like this one. The one included here was the easiest one to follow and the only one that actually worked with my mid-length, layered hair.

If you’re having issues with the sock bun style, which everyone claims to be so simple to do, try this:

1. Tie hair in a pony tail at desired height.
2. Place rolled up sock at base of pony tail.
3. Lean head forward, and allow hair to cover sock.
4. Tie perfect bun in place with hair tie.
5. Wrap extra hair around bun (split into two strands if you have thicker hair).
6. Secure ends and stray hairs with bobby pins to complete the look.

Below you’ll see the final product when I attempted it on Valentine’s Day… Voilà!

xo, Mal.

Sock Bunphoto via