Giuliana: The Woman Behind The Camera

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Giuliana Rancic is originally from Naples, Italy. Her family migrated to the U.S. when she was a young girl, where she lived with her parents and two siblings in Bethesda, Maryland. At a young age she began watching new channels to learn English, and knew she wanted to be a TV anchor since that time.

After high school, Giuliana went on to earn a Bachelors in journalism and later a Masters in said field, as well. During her graduate studies in Washington D.C. she reported for a Capitol Hill news bureau, where she covered the Pentagon, the Supreme Court, the White House, and the State Department. Showing that from the start, Rancic was a dedicated reporter.

She eventually made her way to Entertainment where she was made anchor in 2005, and since then E! News’ viewership has continued to rise. In addition to anchoring, Giuliana has hosted several red carpet events like the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards, along with the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants for several years now.

She is married to Bill Rancic and after getting married in 2007, they have shared a reality show, Giuliana and Bill. The couple struggled for several years to get pregnant and through the process discovered that Giuliana had early stages of breast cancer. This being one of the biggest struggles for her, makes it one of the most inspiring for me. After undergoing treatment, she decided to have a double mastectomy, which was very courageous of her. Finally, in 2012 they were able to welcome their son, Edward Duke Rancic, via a surrogate.

Throughout her struggles with breast cancer and starting a family, Giuliana won the hearts of her viewers, including myself, who always wish her the best and have become her biggest fans. I really admire her strength in the tough times of her life, and how she somehow always stays true to herself and her career. She is an inspiration to many who sometimes feel that getting back up after a fall seems impossible.

A few weeks ago Rancic did an interview with CBS on her life after breast cancer, which helped give a lot of women hope. “I was very fortunate. Because I’ve gone public with the breast cancer, I hear a lot of stories and some are not as great as others. Whether it’s resulting in complications from surgery…whatever the case. I hear it all. And I realize how fortunate I am…to have just kind of gotten out of there OK because it is such a major surgery.”

She also disclosed that she couldn’t have made it through without the support of her husband and her fans. A very touching interview, which came two years after her initial diagnosis, allowed for us to see Giuliana at an utmost personal level. She is now focused on empowering other women and talking about her experience in a positive way.

Rancic is now working on a new segment with E! called Beyond Candid with Giuliana, where she sits down with celebrities and gets them to open up about who they are. Cyndi McClellan, president of network strategy and E! News tells, “[Beyond Candid] exemplifies Giuliana’s warm approach and exceptional ability to get up-close and personal in her signature interview specials.”

Giuliana, who is a beautiful person both inside and out, shares her goal of the new segment and her career in an interview with TV Guide: “There is nothing I love more than helping someone share their story with the hopes of not only entertaining people but inspiring them as well.”

Love her!

xo, Mal.