Moving to Fenway: Not All It’s Set Out to Be


Move in season finally ended, making the Fenway neighborhood slightly less hectic. New tenants and former residents have much to say with regards to the increased price of rent and the poor conditions of these overly priced pads, but with limited options many had to settle for what they could get.

According to Hannah Sigel, a second year tenant who lives on Boylston Street, prices of units have increased with every renewal of lease terms, and the conditions of the apartments are getting worse. “I am constantly having to call maintenance to fix things, I don’t understand how they can over charge but not make sure places are livable. ” she informed.

Not only are prices high and students, who primarily make up the neighborhood, having to dish out the cash, they also have to share their space with some unwelcomed visitors. Sean Peel, who also lives on Boylston near the ballpark explains, “We have rats running through our apartment! The pipes are not sealed off and they get in. For how much we pay you’d think we could at least not have to worry about rodents.”

He also complained that it was difficult to find a place when so many other people are looking at the same time, forcing him and his 3 roommates to settle for the first thing they could get.

Though conditions are poor and prices high, landlords and realtors alike, know that tenants have no other choice but to rent these units, being that most students are on their own and need to settle in before the start of the semester.

College can be stressful enough, and coming home to rodents or a broken shower can be extremely unsettling. Will students eventually get tired and move to other neighborhoods? “I doubt it. Fenway is a very central location, and most colleges are near here. It’s our best bet…” Hannah admitted.


What was you’re best and worst part of move in day??

My Best: finally having a place to call our own.

My Worst: Carrying boxes in the snow! (We moved last winter)

xo, Mal.