Scandal is Scandalous…

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I decided to review season one of ABC’s Scandal, since I began watching the series and ended up viewing the entire first season in 3 days. This should tell you that I’m hooked!

The first episode begins to introduce characters and allows us to feel intimidated by Olivia Pope, as many in the show do. She is introduced as a highly respected Woman in Washington, and the other characters portray her as the most prominent character from the very first time her name is mentioned.

Season one takes many unexpected turns and every episode digs audiences deeper into the life and scandal that encompasses life with Olivia Pope. Each character provides a mystery about them, which later unfolds and correlates with the story line, allowing viewers to really see who these people are and where they come from.

Pope, played by Kerry Washington, began her run in the White House when she was hired to work on President Fitzgerald Grant’s election campaign. With her bold attitude and ability to think quickly in high-pressure situations, Pope becomes infamous for her “fixer” abilities. Any case can be handled if Olivia Pope is behind it.

The way the show is filmed plays an integral part in getting viewers hooked. Each shot is introduced with the sound of a camera taking a photo, which gives a sense that everyone is under constant surveillance.

Once viewers become entangled with Pope, we come to learn that she and President Grant are lovers, and this adds a whole other level of “scandal” to the series. Livi, as the President refers to her, becomes weak at the knees whenever she is around Mr. Grant. This dynamic between the two characters is vital to the show and the explanation of who Olivia Pope is and who she later becomes as the series progresses.

Through her own clients, Olivia challenges those she’s hired, law enforcers and the White House; but most importantly we see her challenge herself. Fighting between fixing situations for others, and struggling with being in love with a married man, who just so happens to be the Leader of the Free World, making the show extremely engaging.

I have been in search of a show that really draws me in, and makes me want to stay up late watching episode after episode. Scandal definitely does this. Pope and her fellow characters each have their own distinct role, and become very relatable to viewers. Making this show one of the best I have seen in a long time.

Watch it on Netflix, you’ll be hooked!

xo, Mal.