So It Goes



It’s been two and a half months since we arrived in Boston. It has been a cold, scary, wonderful, enlightening two months; and it’s safe to say we’re adapting (not to the cold). I’m hoping it warms up soon. Apparently, this has been one of the worst winters in a while. Guess we lucked out…?

Speaking spanish has become weird, and I noticed when I spoke to my grandparents earlier today. I actually had trouble expressing some things, and found myself rephrasing statements because I was at a loss for words. When it hit me, I felt a little out of place. My spanish has always been fluent, so i’m still in awe.

We’ve been cooking quite a bit in our apartment, and i’ve been testing out new recipies! I find it rather fun to just experiment and see how the dish turns out. So far, so good! I’ll be posting some of my favorite recipies soon. Who knew cooking could be so therapeutic?

Now that i’ve updated on things over here… I hope you enjoy my blog, i’ll be posting occasionally.

Happy weekend!

xo, Mal.