Target Goes Big in Small Fenway Neighborhood


Target is making its debut in the East Coast next year with its first location in the Fenway area. The store, with its “CityTarget” concept was originally intended to be a smaller version of the full sized store, offering shoppers everyday Target essentials.

New information has risen confirming that the CityTarget will actually be larger than your average store, encompassing four floors of the new building, on the corner of Boylston and Kilmarnock Street.

As per the Boston Globe, Kamau Witherspoon, Target’s senior director of store operations said, “The CityTarget in the Fenway will cover a whopping 160,000 square feet. Escalators, elevators, a first-floor lobby and fourth-floor stock room will reduce the overall shopping space to something comparable to the standard Target store, which occupies about 135,000 square feet.”

Due to its central location in Boston, Witherspoon told the Globe, “The opportunity to be in such a prominent location near Fenway and near a T stop was really appealing to us. Now, many of our urban guests have to travel a long distance outside the city to reach a Target.”

Being the first Target in the city, many residents are excited and looking forward to its opening in 2015. New resident of Fenway, Lauren De Caso, explains why she’s so looking forward to this new store.

“Being from Florida, I am use to having a Target near me at all times, and after moving to Fenway I was suffering from separation anxiety! I love Target and missed not being able to shop there,” she confessed.

Many residents like her agree that the Fenway is lacking a department store, where shoppers can buy everything they need in one place. The Fenway location will join eight other CityTarget stores that have opened in the past few years including Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland, Ore.

The retailer will offer more products geared toward pedestrian commuters and urban dwellers. By selling grab-and-go food assortments for busy shoppers, a grocery section, and a Starbucks; CityTarget, the Globe tells, will do very well in Fenway.

Photo Via – Matthew J. Lee, Globe Staff